Aperitif & Liqueur

Aperitif & Liqueur



70cl/20% ABV  MexicoOriginating from Mexico, Kahlúa has turned into the number one selling coffee liqueur in the world. Since 1936, Kahlúa represents a rich heritage – full of diversity and colou..

Koukoudo Mastic Liqueur


70cl/25% ABV  GreeceKoukoudo Mastic Liqueur is made in Greece (Arta). The producers follow the traditional recipe from 1878, using the same distillation methods and fine ingredients fro..

Luxardo Amaretto di Saschira


70cl/28% ABV   Luxardo SPA, ItalyA delicious almond liqueur from Luxardo, packaged in an award-winning bottle. Well-rounded in taste, a fragrant aroma and a hint of vanilla in the..

Luxardo Amaretto di Sashira 5+1 Bundle


70cl/28% ABV   Luxardo SPA, ItalyLimited Time Promotion - Buy 5 Get 1 FREE!A delicious almond liqueur from Luxardo, packaged in an award-winning bottle. Well-rounded in taste, a fr..

Luxardo Amaro Abano


70cl/30% ABV  Luxardo SPA, ItalyThe herbs in this amaro grow wild and are infused along with cardamom, cinnamon and bitter orange peel. Luxardo Amaro Abano is a medium bitter, extremely popular i..

Luxardo Anice


70cl/40% ABV  Luxardo SPA, ItalyA dry liqueur obtained by the infusion of the Chinese star anise. Often used as an ingredient in cakes and biscuits but can be used a thirst quencher mixed with co..

Luxardo Anisette


70cl/27% ABV  Luxardo SPA, ItalyA classical anise-bases liqueur produced by Luxardo since 1919. The infusion of Chinese star anise and cocoa distillate. Refined, fresh, anise flavour. Among the m..

Luxardo Aperitivo


70cl/11% ABV  Luxardo SPA, ItalyLuxardo Aperitivo is the result of a well balanced infusion of various herbs, roots and different kind of citrus fruits. Its mild alcoholic content makes it an ide..

Luxardo Bitter


70cl/25% ABV  Luxardo SPA, ItalySuch infusions are then blended together according a Luxardo Family original recipe before being filtered and bottled. Bright red in colour, herbal and citrusy aro..

Luxardo Kirsch


50cl/40% ABV  Luxardo SPA, ItalyNew packaging!Luxardo Kirsch is a pure cherry distillate ideal for cocktails and cuisine.The liqueur is distilled from the patented Maraschino Cherries grown by Lu..

Luxardo Limoncello


70cl/27% ABV  Luxardo SPA, ItalyLimoncello is an authentic Italian lemon liqueur that is extremely popular in Italy. Luxardo’s time-honored production methods of infusing alcohol with peels, pulp..

Luxardo Liqueur St Antonio


70cl/40% ABV  Luxardo SPA, ItalyThis unique liqueur named after St. Anthony, the patron saint of Padova, is the result of a balanced blend of infusions of various herbs and roots such as achillea..

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