Teichenne Jacques Senaux Absinthe Black


70cl/85% ABV   Teichenne SA, SpainAppearance: Bright black with a slight glint of crimson. It forms the famous louche effect (milky appearance) when diluted with water or ice. Aroma: Intense..

Teichenne Jacques Senaux Absinthe Red


70cl/75% ABV  Teichenne SA, SpainBottled at a whopping 75% this red Absinthe is strongly flavoured with liquorice and other traditional flavours. To taste it is best reduced down with a little wa..

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Absinthe Balancer (See-Saw) Dripper


This Absinthe Dripper is a reproduction of the famous Cusenier „auto-verseur“ dripper made at the end of the 19th century. Its see-saw system enables up to two glasses to be filled up at the same tim..

Absinthe Dripper


A must-have item for any absinthe lover, this traditional Verse-Eau Brouilleur is the best way to produce a perfect louche and an incredible ritualistic experience without a full fountain set-up. Made..

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Absinthe Fountain 4 Taps


40cm  Capacity 1 litreAbsinthe Fountain for the professional preparation of Absinthe:The Chat IV is a high-quality Absinthe fountain made out of glass. The Absinthe fountain is easily cleanable d..

Absinthe Spoon


This stainless steel absinthe spoon is the most classic one. It is decorated with 8 rhombuses and 14 holes...

Teichenne Absinthe Black Gift Set


50cl/85% ABV  Teichenne SA, SpainAbsinthe Teichenné Black Gift Set is very well suited to give away to people and acquaintances of the black scene - Gothic scene - who also should know, what absi..

Teichenne Absinthe Glass


Teichenne SA, SpainSpecial reinforced thick glass customised for Absinthe louching...

Teichenne Jacques Senaux Absinthe Blue


70cl/80% ABV   Teichenne SA, SpainAbsinthe Jacques Senaux Blue 80% has a dark blue colour. Smell: The nose has a deep aroma of anise. Taste: The palate is intense flavour and a long, silky f..

Teichenne Jacques Senaux Absinthe Green


70cl/70% ABV  Teichenne SA, SpainAppearance: Bright green in colour. It has yellowish iridescence. It forms the famous louche effect (milky appearance) when diluted with water or ice. Aroma: Inte..

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