Aperitif & Liqueur

Aperitif & Liqueur

Bols Blueberry


70cl/17% ABV  HollandBols Blueberry is a juicy liqueur with the full flavour of freshly harvested blueberries: deliciously tart, ripe berry flavor, edged with lime, building to the finest after t..

Bols Cherry Brandy


70cl/24% ABV  HollandA deep red cherry liqueur using fresh cherries from Eastern Europe, where cherry brandy has long been a tradition. The cherry’s stone, its kernel, is crushed, giving Bols Che..

Bols Creme de Cassis


70cl/24% ABV  HollandRich and fruity, Bols Crème de Cassis liqueur is created using an infusion of authentic French-grown blackcurrants giving a full and intense blackcurrant flavour with slightl..

Bols Kirsch


70cl/38% ABV  HollandBols Kirsch is made from fermented and distilled cherries. It is a clear liqueur flavoured with real cherry juice from the famous Schwarzwalder cherries, which are called Kir..

Bols Lychee


70cl/17% ABV  HollandNew Packaging!Since its launch in Asia in 2003, Bols Lychee has become popular all over the world, with amongst others The Lychee Martini as its leading drink. The Lucas Bols..

Bols Maraschino


70cl/24% ABV  HollandBols Maraschino is a clear cherry favourite liqueur with the powerful taste of candied cherries and hints of almond. This cherry liqueur crafted with only natural botani..

Bols Triple Sec


70cl/24% ABV  HollandCuraçao Orange liqueurs are among the oldest of Bols liqueur recipes and Bols Triple Sec is made with Curaçao orange peel distillates combined with a blend of other citrus fr..

Branca Menta


70cl/28% ABV   ItalyBranca Menta is a digestif amaro invented in the mid 1960's when young drinkers began asking for mint syrup in their Fernet Branca. It contains peppermint and menthol in ..

BVLand Almonds


70cl/18% ABV  Beveland SA, SpainDelicious liqueur obtained from the best selection of almonds recollected in its optimum moment from different regions of the Mediterranean coast.Colour: Medi..

BVLand Almonds 5+1 Bundle


70cl/18% ABV  Beveland SA, SpainLimited Time Promotion - Buy 5 Get 1 FREE!Delicious liqueur obtained from the best selection of almonds recollected in its optimum moment from different regions of..

BVLand Ananas


70cl/18% ABV  Beveland SA, SpainSelected liqueur with an outstanding ripe pineapple aroma.Colour: Pale YellowAroma: PineappleFlavour: Very ripe pineappleSensation on swallowing: Moderate acidity..

BVLand Bananes


70cl/18% ABV  Beveland SA, SpainExceptional liquor obtained from the best selection of ripe bananas. With a slight vanilla touch, its intense banana aroma stands out.Colour: Soft yellowAroma..

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