Auchentoshan Virgin Oak

Auchentoshan Virgin Oak

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70cl/46% ABV  Lowland Scotland

The whisky has been fully matured in ex-American virgin oak casks (the term 'virgin' refers to the fact that the casks have never had any spirit maturing in them before), which is rare in the Scotch whisky industry. Auchentoshan have been maturing stock in virgin oak casks since the early 2000s and this practice forms part of a larger strategy of experimentation with non-traditional casking by the brand owners. "As you might expect of an unused barrel, wood spices are fairly prominent on the nose along with wood dust and raw barley. Another note that comes across is pine and vanilla. The whisky is just a touch sweet and though there is a hint of pears, this dram is all about the barrel. "

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