BVLand Pisang

BVLand Pisang

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70cl/18% ABV  Beveland SA, Spain

Colour: Green, it reminds of the leaves of the banana plants. Bright without particles in suspension, lets light pass though easily.

Aroma: Smooth, delicate of unripe banana, noting a pleasant burning resin aroma, not at all unpleasant.

Flavour: with sweet flavour in contrast to the dryness and resin of the green banana leaving a balanced note of bitterness with marked sweetness.

Sensation on swallowing: Slightly sweet and with a touch of bitterness, mixed with a small sting due to its alcohol content.

Suggestions – how to drink it:  Drink it very cold as a digestive or aperitif. For the cocktail mixer we suggest mixing it with vodka and cranberry juice.

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