Teichenne Schnapps - Menta Peppermint

Teichenne Schnapps - Menta Peppermint

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Teichenné, S.A. is a family business dedicated to the production of liqueurs and derivatives. Their range of products dates back to 1956, when oenologist Juan Teichenné Senaux left France for the Catalan region of Spain, set up a winery in the small town of L’Arboç and began handmaking liqueurs. The craze for Teichenné spread around Spain and by 1989 the brand was the market leader.

70cl/20% ABV  Teichenne SA, Spain

Bright and crystal clear.

  • Nice and crisp in the mouth, rounded and balanced, good structure and a persistent palate. With an intense, delicate aroma, it is persistent while recalling subtle hints of fresh mint or peppermint.

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