Teichenne Jacques Senaux Absinthe Black

Teichenne Jacques Senaux Absinthe Black

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70cl/85% ABV   Teichenne SA, Spain

Appearance: Bright black with a slight glint of crimson. It forms the famous louche effect (milky appearance) when diluted with water or ice.

Aroma: Intense, pervasive aroma characterised by natural herbs such as Artemisia Absinthium (wormwood) and star anise.

Taste and texture: It has a subtly bitter taste that goes perfectly against a background of distilled liquorice. The finish has aniseed notes.

Absinthe is beautifully complex spirit with strong flavours of anise supported by of herbs like melissa, hyssop, coriander and fennel. It has a very strong and powerful flavour and only takes a little splash to be noticed in a cocktail.. These complex flavours become subtler when water is added, the primary method in which absinthe is consumed. The best way to serve the spirit this way is with an absinthe fountain.

The absinthe ritual of La Louche is a process of adding iced water to absinthe, which dilutes the drink and slowly transforms its colour from the original emerald green to a lighter, opalescent shade of milky green.

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