BVLand Cherry Brandy  5+1+? Bundle - Spanish

BVLand Cherry Brandy 5+1+? Bundle - Spanish

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70cl/18% ABV  Beveland SA, Spain

Limited Time Promotion Till End October 2023 - Buy 5 Get 1 FREE Plus 1 Mysterious Spanish Liqueur!

The Mysterious Spanish Liqueur is for customer that own a Spanish cafe or restaurant in Singapore. Proof in the invoice with valid delivery address of the restaurant, otherwise the Gift will not be given. This is strictly a Spanish restaurant promotion!

Selected liqueur with an outstanding ripe cherry aroma combined with brandy notes and a cinnamon light touch.

Colour: Deep red

Aroma: Cherry

Flavour: Very ripe cherry, sweet

Sensation on swallowing: Sweet, with moderate acidity and reminiscences of brandy

Suggestions – how to drink it: Cold or with ice, mixed with soda and brandy

Suggestions – how to drink it:  Neat, cold or with ice. Mixed with vodka or white rum

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