Teichenne Paracharan Olave  5+1+?  Bundle - Spanish

Teichenne Paracharan Olave 5+1+? Bundle - Spanish

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100cl/25% ABV  Teichenne SA, Spain

Limited Time Promotion Till End October 2023 - Buy 5 Get 1 FREE Plus 1 Mysterious Spanish Liqueur!

The Mysterious Spanish Liqueur is for customer that own a Spanish cafe or restaurant in Singapore. Proof in the invoice with valid delivery address of the restaurant, otherwise the Gift will not be given. This is strictly a Spanish restaurant promotion!

Pacharan is a sloe-flavoured liquor from Navarre, commonly drunk in Navarre, in the Basque Country and in the rest of Spain. It is made by soaking sloe berries, collected from the blackthorn, in an anise-flavoured spirit (anisette) with a small number of coffee beans and a vanilla pod for several months. Olave Pacharan emits a fine and delicate aroma with an intense nose from the macerated sloes and anise. It has a balanced and smooth texture on the palate with intense fruit notes and the is finish characterised by aniseed with hints of liquoriceIt can be served cold, with ice or as a digestive.

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