Sobreo Tuscan Juniper

Sobreo Tuscan Juniper

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37.5cl/0% ABV  Canada

Ultra Premium Artisanal Infusions - Zero Alcohol!

Sobreo is an ultra premium non-alcoholic beverage, handcrafted in small batches, using glacier water and oak ageing.

Mix Sobreo Tuscan Juniper with Non-Alcoholic or Alcohol-Free Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Rum or more.

Sobreo’s range of sugar-free, Ultra Premium mixers, allows you to create great-tasting, refreshing cocktails, with or without alcohol.

Plant-based, Kosher, Halal certified, Sobreo is Vegan and handcrafted using only the finest sustainable, organic, botanicals and adaptogens.

Low calorie, low carb, and 100% Alcohol-Free, Gluten Free and Sugar-Free.

Their handcrafted process takes 10 months to make a batch. Each flavour has 16 to 18 handpicked botanicals that are individually macerated in RSPO-certified palm oil for up to 4 months. Then they blend and age Sobreo with toasted, seasoned American or French oak for another 6 months.

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