Grasovka-Marigold Apple Juice Bundle

Grasovka-Marigold Apple Juice Bundle

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A Rare Bundle Deal of 2 bottles of Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka 70cl with 3 package of Marigold Apple Juice!

Grasovka + Apple Juice = The Perfect Cocktail!

Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka  70cl/40% ABV  Poland

Ultra Premium Vodka.   

The specific character of the Polish vodka speciality Grasovka is based on its bison grass flavour; that plant grows in bunches in the clearings the woods of the national park of Bialowieza on the border between Poland and Belarus.

Grasovka is the unique vodka/Zubrovka speciality direct from Poland - with an authentic bisongrass grass blade providing its natural aroma and typical taste. Through the extract of the bison grass blade Grasovka tastes spicy but mild. The product is bottled in Germany.

Grasovka was awarded several international gold medals in international spirits competitions the past few years and is therefore recognized as the finest aromatized vodka worldwide.

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