Midleton Very Rare 2021 Edition

Midleton Very Rare 2021 Edition

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70cl/40% ABV  Ireland

Middleton Very Rare is probably the most exclusive whiskey produced in Ireland. Many whiskies carry the name ‘Rare’, which it is often a slight misnomer as they are quite common, however in this case these Middleton releases are now increasingly collectable. Very few bottles are released each year making it a highly sought after product. The whiskey is triple distilled and matured in very select casks at Middleton Distillery near Cork in the South of Ireland.

  • Nose : Vanilla sweetness with a light floral perfume. Some citrus zest combines with fresh herbs and sweet spices complimented by a touch of black pepper and charred oak
  • Taste : Mouth-coating sweetness of vanilla, cinnamon and clove, enriched with a hint of green apple and unripe banana. Peppery pot still spices, along with charred American oak, add complexity
  • Finish : Soft sweet spices fade leisurely leaving the final say to the charred oak and barley grains

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