Glenmorangie Discovery Set [Original bundled with 2 miniatures]

Glenmorangie Discovery Set [Original bundled with 2 miniatures]

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Most unique gift for whisky lovers!

The Discovery Set of Glenmorangie - the traditional distillery from the Scottish Highlands to get to know.
In addition to the 10-year-old bottle in the 70cl bottle, this gift set contains a 50ml bottle of Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban and Glenmorangie Lasanta.

10 year old Original 40% ABV 70cl
Nose: full and fruity in the aroma, clearly nectarines, apples and lemons - above all, a slight spiciness
Taste: fresh and very creamy in the taste, clear notes of fruit candy, toffee and caramel - in the background roasted coffee and nuts
Finish: Gentle, long finish with lots of malt and more fruit

14 year old Quinta Ruban 46% ABV 5cl
Nose: clearly fruity aromas of mandarin and orange, with some mint, a little more pronounced chocolate
Taste: soft and gentle, again the chocolate, with nutty notes and honey
Finish: very long finish, pleasantly soft and mouth-filling

12 year old  Lasanta 43% ABV 5cl
Nose: soft and sweet on the nose with caramel and chocolate covered raisins - sweet and spicy
Taste: full, soft mouthfeel - again the sweetness of the raisins, with honey and vanilla - slightly buttery
Finish: in the finish clearly again the honey - a dry oak note and cocoa

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