Absinthe Dripper

Absinthe Dripper

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A must-have item for any absinthe lover, this traditional Verse-Eau Brouilleur is the best way to produce a perfect louche and an incredible ritualistic experience without a full fountain set-up. Made from clear, mouth blown glass, this absinthe dripper is placed on top of your glass, which allows ice water and sugar to slowly stream into the glass below and mix with the spirit to release the magic of the “Green Fairy”.

Each brouilleur is handcrafted using a diamond bit to create the hole in the bottom. The shape and size of the hole may vary slightly with each piece due to mouth-blowing process. The absinthe water dripper holds 9 ounces of liquid.

This absinthe Verse-Eau brouilleur water dripper fits well with our La Rochere reservoir absinthe glass.

  • Made of clear, mouthblown glass
  • Slowly adds water to your absinthe for a perfect louche
  • Verse-Eau ("water pourer" in French) is a single server used to slowly add water to absinthe
  • The hole at the bottom of the dripper may vary slightly from one piece to another, as they are each mouthblown
  • Each hole is hand drilled using a diamond bit
  • Capacity: 9 oz
  • Dimensions: 2.375"H x 3.75" Diameter
  • Base of the dripper fits a 3.25"W mouth glass or smaller

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