Justinos Madeira Fine Rich 3YO

Justinos Madeira Fine Rich 3YO

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75cl/19% ABV  Justino's, Portugal

This madeira is made by mixing Negra Mole, Triunfo and Complexa varieties. This wine is bottled three years after harvest and usually after two years in oak barrels.
Harvesting takes place from the last week in August and throughout September. It can be served with desserts, cheeses or as an after-dinner drink. The ideal temperature for serving is 13-16 ° C.
Madeira is a fortified wine originating from the island of the same name, which is made by stopping the fermentation process by adding wine brandy. The fermentation time before adding wine alcohol affects the sweetness of the wine.
Fortified wines are sweeter sooner, while wines fortified later are drier because most of the sugar has already been fermented to alcohol during fermentation. After fermentation (fermentation) and fortification, the traditional "Estufagem", a unique process for the production of madeira, comes into play.
The wine is placed in giant stainless steel tanks heated by 45-50 ° C with hot water running in pipes around the tanks. The wine is heated in this way for three months.
During this time, the process is regulated and controlled by the Madeiran Wine Institute, which seals the tanks and takes samples before and after the process. After this heating process, the Madeira is stored in oak barrels for various lengths of time. Before bottling, the wine is then stabilized and filtered.

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