Porto Monge Tawny

Porto Monge Tawny

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75cl/19.5% ABV  Adega de Favaios, Portugal

Porto Monge Tawny is made from a mixture of traditional Douro red grape varieties Porto Monge has a typical Tawny production process. Alcoholic fermentation is made in vats with maceration intense peel at a controlled temperature. The fermentation lasts about three days being interrupted by adding brandy. The resulting sweet wine is then passed through an oxidative aging process with successive transfers, thus developing a rich and complex bouquet. After aging for about 4 years in oak wood the wine is clarified and is ready to be bottled.
Clear, bright and auburn red colour, this Tawny Port has a fruity and delicate aroma reminding nut nutty, caramel and smoke. The palate is very smooth and soft but with enough breadth and volume.

Can be appreciated as an aperitive or on any other occasions. Ideal accompaniment to nuts, cheeses or desserts.

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