Minuty M Rose 2020 5+1 Bundle

Minuty M Rose 2020 5+1 Bundle

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75cl/13% ABV  Cotes De Provence, France

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Blush Wine

MINUTY M is pure Pleasure, pure Provence and pure Minuty in a bottle. Pure Pleasure because of its natural and easy-going vibe. Pure Provence because of its selection of grapes from all the Designation’s terroirs, from the seafront to the hinterland and Sainte-Victoire. Pure Provence because of the bottle design that was updated in 2014 but invented and designed in the 60s by Monique Farnet, Jean-Etienne and François Matton’s mother.
The entire region made the revolutionary bottle shape their own which goes to show how the Matton-Farnet family has always set the benchmark for Provence wine. It embodies the winery’s style with intense aromas paired with light flavours.

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