Ladies\' Paradise Package

Ladies' Paradise Package



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This Ladies' Paradise Package consists of

1 bottle  Suntory Midori Melon

1 bottle  Schmitt Sohne Anything Goes Riesling Qba

1 bottle  Tiffin Premium Tea Liqueur

1 bottle  Frangelico


Suntory Midori Melon

The fresh flavour of ripe honeydew melon will please the most discriminating of palattes as it enhances drink and food recipes. The original Melon liqueur, eminently mixable.

Vibrant green in colour and with a refreshing melon taste.

Schmitt Sohne Anything Goes Riesling Qba

A rare German Riesling, grown on the Mosel Valley's Steillage or literally "steep slope". The vines benefit from longer exposure to sunlight and the deep roots take in complex nutrients and minerals from the soil.

Anything Goes has a remarkably vibrant fruitiness, balanced with crisped acidity to deliver a clean finish, pairing so well with such a wide variety of dishes.

These Riesling grapes, grown on the Mosel Valley’s Steillage, benefit from longer exposure to sunlight. And the deep roots, necessary for the vines to hold on to the steep slopes of 30° or greater, take in complex nutrients and minerals from the soil. All this gives Anything Goes Riesling a truer sense of the Mosel terroir. It’s everything wine lovers love about Riesling … intensified.

Won the Gold Trophy Award (the most prestigious) in the Wine Style Asia Award 2009, Singapore

Tiffin Premium Tea Liqueur

TIFFIN is a Premium Tea Liqueur distilled from selected Premium Quality Teas. TIFFIN offers a unique bouquet and a light refreshing taste of premium tea. Enjoy TIFFIN straight, on ice or mixed.

It's the original tea liqueur that can be appreciated cold, on ice, with fruit juices, or white spirits. There are several delicious cocktails contains TIFFIN.

It displays stunningly nuanced aromas and flavours that embody the full range of tea characteristics. Intensely aromatic, it displays mouthwatering notes of bergamot, rose petal, allspice, and fresh herbs. The palate is ever-so-slightly tannic, with flavours of dark fruit and black pepper.

Insanely popular - Japan's Number 1 selling tea liqueur for the past 10 years.


Frangelico is a very pleasant, sweet hazelnut liquor, and serves as a good replacement for those who cannot handle the licorice taste or stronger taste of anisette or sambuca. It goes great in coffee, straight, but my personal favourite is mixed with equal parts of Irish Cream Liquor such as Carolan's.

Frangelico is the distinctive premium hazelnut liqueur from Italy available in over 80 countries. Its unique monk shaped packaging reflects its intriguing monastic legend and authentic 300 year old recipe. The care and craftsmanship of Frangelico provides a deliciously smooth, unforgettable taste of hazelnuts and berries which consumers all over the world find irresistible, and so will you.

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