Halloween Budget Package

Halloween Budget Package





Try out this unique Halloween Budget Package! It might bring out more surprises and flavours while keeping your budget low!


Whyte & Mackay The Thirteen

The secret of the rich, rounded taste of THE THIRTEEN is in the unique Double Marriage maturation process. At 12 years old, when other producers bottle their aged blends, Whyte & Mackay's Master Blender brings together the finest malt whiskies, then returns them to sherry casks to marry for another year.

At 13 years of age, one should expect some depth to this blend and it's here in abundance. A voluptuous whisky, full of fruity allure and sherry coated sass. Whyte and Mackay's master blender has managed to conjure a gem of a scotch that puts many single malts with bigger reputations and much bigger price-tags to shame.


Hpnotiq was created by Raphael Yakoby in 2001, a college dropout living with his parents in New York, who, after seeing a blue perfume at Bloomingdale's, decided to create a blue liqueur. Within a year, it was a popular drink in New York night clubs.

The growth of Hpnotiq began with Yakoby’s introduction of the liqueur to the stylish New York City night club scene, which toward the end of the 1990s embraced the introduction of premium vodkas and cognacs as sexy and sophisticated. Hpnotiq’s flavour and blue colour and packaging fed off the energy of this popularity. Word of mouth spread as bartenders began to use the brand as an alternative ingredient in cosmopolitans and martinis. Hpnotiq quickly became the drink of choice for celebrities and has grown the fourth best-selling imported liqueur in the United States, according to Adams Beverage Media.

Hpnotiq delights all your sense. Its eye-catching aqua blue colour and refreshing blend of naturalexotic fruits juices and premium spirits make any occasion more fabulous.

Teichenne Black/Mad Cat Coffee Absinthe

30% Alc Vol

Thujone 1.90 ppm

This is the original coffee absinthe made in Spain by Teichenné, a famous Spanish absinthe manufacturer.

Wormwood is blended with an awakening coffee flavour to create a very special liquor.

To be enjoyed straight, over ice, with soda or in cocktails. Usually served with a lemon slice.

Schmitt Sohne Superstition Riesling Pinot Blanc 2008

Schmitt Sohne introduces Superstition wine, a medium-dry blend that combines the crisp fruit and minerality of Riesling with the creamy, nutty nuances of Pinot Blanc. Its approachability makes it appealing to wine drinkers interested in food-friendly wines, according to the company. Superstition features an easy-open Stelvin closure and a dramatic neon-green and purple label illustrated with a retro-style black cat (a tribute to their winemaker).

Legend tells of Lucky, the black cat that mysteriously appeared at the winemaker's cellar door. Once in the cellar, he would bound from cask to cask, stopping occasionally to purr his approval. Curious, eh?

Being the superstitious sort, the winemaker blended the Riesling and Pinot Blanc wines from Lucky's favourite casks to get a legendary and delicious white wine. We use that same blend to make the wine you can enjoy today. Should you trust your wine selection to a black cat? Only if it's Lucky!

Won a Silver Award in Wine Style Asia Award 2009, Singapore


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